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Grapevine Communications provide telecomms , data cabling,networks,cctv,access control and support services to all areas of UK trade and industry. Education, health,legal,financial, construction, manufacturing and service.

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Grapevine are an independant supplier of telephone systems from globally recognised companies such as NEC and Panasonic. From small analogue systems to large VOIP solutions tailored to your business.

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Ideal for the small business or home office requiring a flexiblle cost effective PBX. Optional features include voice message with up to 24 mailboxes and 1 hour recording. 2 Channel Automated Attendant (Menu

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SL1100 - Ideal for the small business or home office requiring a flexiblle cost effective PBX. SV8100 - THE ULTIMATE IN UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS. The SV8100 is a unique communications solution scaleable from 8 - 512+ users. It's expandability means it can work at any level from a technically superb phone system to a truly advanced unified communications platfrorm.

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Whether you need basic security and surveillance or more sophisticated management control systems, Grapevine can provide practical cost effective solutions. We can provide install and maintain a wide range of systems tailored to your requirements. This may be just a single camera covering 1 door or a whole network of high definition IP cameras all remotely controllable, we can provide a solution for you. Many of our systems can be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world via a PC or Mobile device such as a laptop or tablet and most Apple, Android and Windows smart phones. We carry out thorough site surveys and produce custom solutions to create the optimum configuration for your site. This will include detailed recommendations, security assessments and we offer full aftersales service. We make it easier for you to take advantage of the benefits of CCTV by offering lease rental contracts allowing you to spread the cost. Please click on the links below to see just some of

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Recording equipment usually falls into 1 of 3 castegories, DVR (Digital Video Recorder), NVR (Network Video Recorder) or Hybrid (a mix of the 2 ). A DVR is used in conjunction with standard CCTV cameras whilst an NVR is used with higher definition IP cameras, Hybrid recorders can work with both. The type of recorder used is dependent on specific requirements for each application. There are many factors to be considered when choosing a recorder but the 3 basic requirements are; number of cameras, recording resolution and storage capacity. Below is just a small part of the range of NVR's and DVR's we can provide.

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We can arrange for our engineers to carry out a number of services from the relocation of a single socket to a large departmental move. We can provide and install additional equipment and accessories, upgrade or audit wiring, replace old or faulty equipment or even provide solutions to a specific problem.


SIP trunk lines are fast replacing traditional analogue and digital ISDN lines. Unlike the analogue and ISDN circuits, SIP trunks are delivered over an internet connection via Session Initiated Protocol, which is now supported by most IP enabled telephone systems and IP handsets. SIP trunks can be connected to an IP PBX and can replace or supplement your existing lines and offer the advantages of * Easy and quick to provisional lines * Low cost trunk rental and call costs * Internal calls are free of charge to anywhere. * Disaster recovery backup solution * Flexible numbering (out of area codes) * Can be delivered direct to the desk over your LAN

HOSTED | Hosted, Cloud Based

Traditional telephone systems are usually located within the company premises. A hosted system is where an IP telephone server is located within a secure data centre with the services being delivered to you over a data link, often broadband, via IP phones. This means your company does not have to buy, install and maintain any complex control equipment on site. We partner with some of the most respected and reliable service provider to deliver feature rich and cost effective services. Our hosted system offers total flexibility by giving you control of how and where calls are received and made, through access to system administration via a web portal. You no longer need to be concerned with technology moving on and making your tradtitional PBX obsolete.

BROADBAND + FIBRE OPTIC | Broadband, EFM, Fibre, Leased Lines, MPLS

Broadband services include both ADSL2+ and Fibre To The Cabinet (“FTTC”) from providers which include Cable and Wireless, Zen, MDNX and BE(O2). Grapevine can provide new connections, migrations and upgrades to satisfy customer requirements. ADSL2+ can also be delivered as a simultaneous provide when ordering a phone line. Depending on line and location, ADSL 2+ will provide speeds of up to 20mbps download and FTTC can reach up to 76mbps download. EFM Ethernet in the First Mile (“EFM”) delivers flexible data connectivity over a choice of 2 copper pairs (up to 10Mbps) or 4 pairs (up to 20Mbps), with a minimum symmetrical speed guarantee of 2Mbps. EFM is proving an ideal replacement for legacy technologies LEASED LINES Leased lines are suitable for larger businesses which require speeds of between 10mbps and 1gbps. Providing a dedicated connection with unlimited usage backed up with a 99.997% SLA, leased lines are ideal for IPVPN and VoIP traffic

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Since 1988, Grapevine has been at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations and the continuous developement of telecommunications systems. We boast an enormous amount of knowledge, experience and expertise in all aspects of voice and data cabling along with an in-depth knowledge of telecoms and data hardware.

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