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Like most technology, phone systems have advanced greatly over the past few years, and big system features are now available to all.Our representative will talk through all the options and come up with ideas on what system is right for you.  

Grapevine are an independant supplier and are not tied to any manufacturer so can offer impartial advice. Our range of telephone suystems are  from globally recognised manufacturers such as NEC and Panasonic along with the new IQ range of IP PBX's, all of which offer comprehensive features and functionality,whilst being fully expandable to allow for future growth. This may be a small analogue, standalone system for a couple of users or several systems at sites spread over the country and all networked together to operate as a single system. 

The modular nature of our system means you only pay for the equipment to meet your needs. If you decide to increase capacity through additional lines or extensions or to add more sophisticated features such as Call Management or Call recording additional equipment and software can be purchased as and when required. This way you only pay for what you need when you need it. We provide the solution to fit you.... 


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